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May 23, 2013: New:
New poll (on the right)
Sept. 4, 2011: Behind the scene clip of Dark before Dawn
June, 2011: A new movie with Kyle
December 1, 2010: Kyle Schmid Adventskalender 2010
Nov. 17, 2010: More RingCon pictures
Nov. 8, 2010: Report about the Blood Ties panel
with Tanya Huff, Kyle and Dylan
Nov. 3, 2010: Report about the Ring*con press conference
Oct. 29, 2010: Pictures of the Blood Ties panel
Oct. 24, 2010: Interview with Kyle at Ringcon
on the mediapage
Oct. 22, 2010: Photos by SichtlichMensch
New pictures in the Ring*con gallery
Oct. 18, 2010: Ringcon 2010 gallery
Sept. 7, 2010: Gravy train gallery
August 24, 2010: Kyle's filming again
New fanart from Anna
August 11, 2010:
Winners of the Ring*con DVD
June 29, 2010:
Competition - win a Ring*con DVD!
June 7, 2010: Pictures from Anna + Megacon
April 13, 2010: FB site for Kyle as d'Artagnan
April 8, 2010: Ring*con wallpapers
April 2, 2010: Infos about Gravy Train
March 26, 2010: Pictures from SichtlichMensch and Susi Knight
March 25, 2010: Official Kyle Schmid Fanpage on Facebook and
KyleSchmidworld on Facebook
Feb. 16, 2010: New Ringcon pictures
Feb. 14, 2010: Valentine's page
Jan. 25, 2010: LCC event in Los Angeles
Jan. 4, 2010: Kyle Schmid calendar 2010!
Dec. 11, 2009: Kyle announced for Ring*con 2010!
Dec. 8, 2009: Ring*con Blood Ties DVD
More on the News page
Dec. 6, 2009: Original Blood Ties probs auction!
More on the News page
Dec. 1, 2009: Kyle Schmid advent calendar !
Nov. 22, 2009: Gallery and interview of "the Thaw"
Nov. 4, 2009: Last part of Annas Ringcon report
Oct. 24, 2009: Ringcon-report from Anna
Oct. 20, 2009: More pictures in the Ring*con gallery
Oct. 16, 2009: Ring*con gallery!
Oct. 12, 2009: Some Ringcon infos on News page.
Sept. 25, 2009: Time for the Ringcon pannel on Saturday has changed.
Sept. 24, 2009: Let's find out which Henry smile we like most.
Sept. 16, 2009: 2 new wallpaper-creations by Lydia
Sept. 15, 2009: Ringcon: Time for Kyle's panel on Friday has changed
Added 2 beautiful drawings by Kady and Lydia to Fanart
Sept. 9, 2009: Added some program highlights of the Ringcon
Aug.24, 2009: Ring*con wallpaper page with lots of beautiful wallpapers!
Aug.19, 2009: Ring*con page updated
Aug.8, 2009: Kyle's message to his fans on the Special page!
Aug.6, 2009: New fanart creations:
a wonderful Henry-drawing from Ashley as well
as a great photoart from Anna of the movie Death Row
and Filmography updated
July 31, 2009: Birthday page for Kyle - look at "Special"
read more under "News"
June 30, 2009: Some new creations on the fanart pages
June 24, 2009: Added a Ring*con page - have a look!
June 21, 2009: Pictures of the Blood Ties episode 8 "Heart of fire"
in the gallery.
June 9, 2009: Kyle Schmid world in Polish language!
June 6, 2009: New facts about Kyle on the biography page
June 3, 2009: Beautiful new fanart-creations from Anna
on the photoart-page
May 12, 2009: Mediapage updated with a new report from Renate
May 11, 2009: Bad news:
Frigthcon cancelled
Read more about it under "NEWS" or "Conventions"
May 1st, 2009: Pictures of the Love Cures Cancer event
Read more about it under "NEWS"
April 29, 2009: Online again: FUN + Games page
April 26, 2009: Blood Ties episode "Heart of ice" added to gallery
April 21, 2009: Page about the Frightcon in Bonn
April 15, 2009: Pictures of the movie "Cheetah Girls" in the gallery
April 8, 2009: Joyride 2 got two nominations for the
Leo award 2009
April 3, 2009: Videoclips added to the fanart section
April 1st, 2009: April fool's joke: Kyle is gonna marry!!
March 30, 2009: Links page is online - read more under "News"
March 27, 2009: Another episode of Blood Ties in the gallery -
"Love hurts".
March 23, 2009: The guestbook is online!
Added a new gallery of Megacon 2008
Read more about it in "News"!
March 21, 2009: There are new avatars and wallpapers in the fanart.
March 20, 2009: Another episode of Bloodties added to the gallery.
Have a look at "Deadly Departed".
March 17, 2009: A trailer added to Blood Ties page
March 10, 2009: Photoart (Fanart) updated
with new creations from Anna
March 8, 2009: Biography page is online!
March 4, 2009: Joyride Gallery is online!
February, 2009: Kyle will come to Germany in July

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